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We started selling paper honeycomb panels, pallets and other related products in Estonia three years ago via Kärgpapp.ee. Unfortunately our market was very small (as it is very small country), so we were trying to figure out what to do with international honeycomb leads we could not serve. Our solutions was to create a honeycomb manufacturers directory, which would help to channel customer leads to multiple honeycomb suppliers in a specific region. There are many other online lead providers (for example Alibaba.com etc), but every time you got a quote request, the lead's quality was low or potential buyer was located too far to serve him.

Our mission (or how we create value):

  1. We want to drive more leads/sales to you. 
  2. We deliver ONLY verified leads - our team will verify information over the phone.
  3. You will get high quality leads -  we ask many additional question in order to gather high quality information, so your sales team has less work to do. 
  4. You will not get any leads which are out of your servicing radius. Usually the price competitive radius for a honeycomb manufacturer is ca. 500 - 600 km.
  5. There are no subscription or hidden fees to join our directory. You pay only for leads you want.
  6. You will receive leads without any contact data - you will get all contact details after the payment.

Why do I pay for a lead?

Building up clients' list or sales network is expensive. Client acquisition costs are essential part of the every sales.  You pay for performance.  

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Tartu mnt. 18-21
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