We will try answer your questions here!

Do you guarantee qualified leads?

Yes, we do not provide "leap of faith" marketing results. All leads sent out to our suppliers are fresh and validated over phone. We ask precise questions on out lead gen forms  and validate answers over the phone. Ca. 70-80% of all leads are deleted as these are too small or people really cannot provide information about their request.  Our target from beginning has been to provide high quality and local honeycomb leads rather spam suppliers´ mailboxes.  

What kind of leads do you provide?

Currently we provide sales leads for paper pallets, paper honeycomb core and paper honeycomb sheets.

How do you price a lead? Why does the price of a lead change?

The price of a lead is determined by the value of potential sale. If purchase request is small, then a lead price is smaller.  

Why should i pay for a lead and not for closed deal?